Center for Advanced Studies and Cooperation on Human Rights in Economics

Center for Advanced Studies and Cooperation

on Human Rights in Economics

of the Institute of Economic and Legal Research of the
Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

The Center is established in 2017 with the aim to promote the improvement of economic and legal regulation of economic relations in Ukraine on the basis of the rule of law, human rights and corporate social responsibility in the context of European integration and globalization.

The initiative is based on the broad framework of Ukraine’s international commitments before the UN, the Council of Europe, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the European Union, etc. The Strategy for Sustainable Development “Ukraine 2020”, the Council of Europe Action Plan for Ukraine 2015 – 2017, the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement and other documents are directed at implementation of the Ukraine’s international commitments and obligations.

The priority areas of the Centers activities are defined by the United Nations Guidelines on Business and Human Rights, Recommendation CM/Rec(2016)3 of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe to member States on human rights and business, OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, Renewed EU Strategy for Corporate Social Responsibility and other acts:

(a) Implementation of the States’ role and realisation of the current obligations & commitments to guarantee respect, protection and ensuring of human rights and fundamental freedoms, incl. in economics, which involves the appropriate actions to prevent, investigate, punish and redress human rights abuses through effective policies, legislation, regulations and adjudication;

(b) Strengthening of the corporate social responsibility – the role of business enterprises as specialized organs of society performing specialized functions, required to comply with all applicable laws and to respect human rights;

(c) Ensuring that when human rights’ abuses occur within the territory and/or jurisdiction of the State those affected have access to effective remedy through judicial, administrative, legislative or other appropriate means.

The Center will carry out interdisciplinary scientific and applied research and other scientific-creative and scientific-organizational work to study and solve problems of the national law and legislation development in order to ensure that the economic activity is oriented at human rights’ observance and protection.

In particular, the Center will:

– conduct thematic interdisciplinary scientific and practical research (comparative incl.) on improvement of the policy and practice of the State regulation of economics; corporate social responsibility; compliance of the Ukrainian legislation with the international and European law standards and norms; the state of reception of these norms by the national legislation, legal traditions, innovations and best practices of foreign countries, etc.;

– elaborate draft laws and by-laws, make expert analysis of drafts of legal and political acts of Ukraine;

– develop scientific rationale and impact assessment studies;

– provide prompt professional advice/consultations, expert opinions and recommendations;

– develop and collect relevant research materials on law and economics, prepare research papers and collective monographic works to publication; use research materials for the knowledge exchange, for the Institute’s postgraduate and doctoral studies; form the Institute’s Information Resource Fund etc.;

– provide scientific, informational and educational assistance to State agencies and local self-government bodies, economic entities, civil society organisations and other stakeholders;

– hold scientific and practical conferences, educational and training seminars, lectures, scientific forums, “round tables”, expert meetings, etc.

The Center is a team of the Institute’s experts and the recognised ad-hoc Ukrainian and foreign researchers and experts.

The Center will cooperate widely with the state legislative, executive and court authorities, local self-government bodies, civil society organizations, entrepreneurs and their associations, national and foreign scientific institutions and research centers, international organizations, foundations and accredited in Ukraine diplomatic institutions.

You are welcome to cooperation!

Contact the Center: tel. + 38 097 378 52 36, Email: