Luhansk branch of the Institute of Economic and Legal Research of NAS of Ukraine

Luhansk branch of the Institute of Economic and Legal Research of NAS of Ukraine was established according to the order of the Institute of Economic and Legal  Research of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine on February 15, 1997. № 10 as a separate division of the Institute that is working on a coherent plan of research works and reporting about the results of scientific activities. The branch has a full name – Luhansk branch of the Institute of Economic and Legal Research of NAS of Ukraine, abbreviation – LB IELR of NAS of Ukraine. On the basis of the Director’s order of the Institute of Economic and Legal Research of NAS of Ukraine from 30.12.2013,  № 156- in the branch was created the department of interregional cooperation problems. The branch has the real relations with state bodies and subjects of economic activity acts as the representative of the Institute within the powers conferred by the laws of Ukraine, Charter of the Institute of Economic and Legal Research of NAS of Ukraine and regulations on the Luhansk branch of the Institute of Economic and Legal Research of NAS of Ukraine.

The branch formation was aimed at carrying out the complex economic and legal researches at the crossroads of two social sciences – Economics and Law. The main tasks of the branch is development of scientific provisions and applied regulations in the science area – strengthening of interregional cooperation.

To perform the tasks assigned to the Luhansk branch the staff of the department of interregional cooperation:

  • organize their work according to the unified plan of scientific and research works of the Institute of Economic and Legal Research of NAS of Ukraine;
  • carry out according to approved in the established order the scientific and research works plan  of the Institute concerning the scientific researches in fundamental and applied areas, to ensure that, first of all, the performance of work under a state order, specific programs and objectives, and together with the scientific organizations and enterprises carrying out the work on the use of the results in the national economy;
  • study, analyze and generalize the achievements of world science under the scientific direction of the branch, participate in development and implementation of international programs and projects;
  • coordinate with other science and research organizations the researches that they have conducted and assisted by the scientific organizations and universities of the region in research and in training of scientific staff in the sphere of branch activities;
  • take part in competitions (projects, applications);
  • hold conferences, meetings, discussions on critical issues which are developed by the branch, organize exhibitions, scientific schools;
  • carry out the scientific preparation through the postgraduate study, doctoral studies of the Institute of Economic and Legal Researches of NAS of Ukraine, conduct the training of scientific pedagogical staff;
  • carry out the propaganda of scientific knowledge, information and publication activities according to the branch researches and to the results that were obtained;
  • provide the scientific and methodological work concerning the industry organizations and enterprises, local authorities and if it necessary attract them to fulfilling the most important scientific works; conclude the scientific cooperation with research organizations of foreign countries to solve the most important complex research problems;
  • develop the forecasts and conduct the examination in relevant areas of science and technology; conduct the researches on the basis of economic contracts with enterprises, governments, and carry out the implementation of the developed projects and recommendations;
  • conduct the scientific examination, audit, implement the gained experience through advising and support for economic and legal services according to the main directions of scientific activity;
  • conduct the joint researches with the organizations of other countries to perform the research work according to the current plans as well as on the basis of contracts (agreements) concluded with certain states, create the joint research teams with organizations of foreign countries;
  • export the results of their research work; carry out other activities not prohibited by law.

The branch cooperates with the Luhansk Regional State Administration, Luhansk Regional Scientific and Coordination Council of Donetsk Scientific Center of NAS and MES of Ukraine, educational institutions of Luhansk region, public organizations, enterprises and provides the high-quality research, the systematic accumulation and synthesis of scientific results, creation of conditions for realization of creative capabilities of the research team and the social protection of workers.

So, for the Luhansk City Council in 2010 the Concept of Sustainable Development Strategy of Luhansk city was developed. By attorney of the Lugansk Regional State Administration in 2012 the monitoring of the Strategy of Economic and Social Development of Luhansk region for the period until 2015 was conducted, and in 2014, Luhansk branch participated in the development of Development Strategy of Luhansk region for the period up to 2020. During 2013 -2014, the staff of branch participated in the implementation of the GIZ project which was devoted to the development of the Luhansk city brand.



Лф 3Zablodska Inna,

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, member-correspondent of the International Academy of Science and Practice of Production Organization, Deputy Chairman of the Luhansk Regional Scientific and Coordination Council of Donetsk Scientific Center of NAS and MES of Ukraine.

Was born on March 2nd, 1967. After has finished eight years at school in 1985 entered Voroshilovgrad College of Catering and graduated it with honors which allowed her immediately on preferential terms to be enrolled to Voroshilovgrad Engineering Institute which graduated with honors in 1989 , the direction of preparation “Economics and Planning of Material and Technical” was.

After graduation she worked as a junior researcher in the scientific sector of “Material Resources Management ” Department at Voroshilovgrad Machine-Building Institute.

Since 1993 has studied in full-time postgraduate course in the direction of preparation  “Marketing” at the East Ukrainian National University and since 1996 has worked as assistant at the Department of Marketing at the East Ukrainian National University.

1998  has defended the dissertation on the Academic Council of the East Ukrainian National University  in the direction of preparation “Enterprise, Management and Marketing” on the theme “The methods development of situation analysis of enterprises marketing environment in the baking industry”.

Science 1999 has worked as an Associate Professor in the “Marketing” Department.

2001 – was awarded the academic title of Professor in marketing.

After defending the doctoral thesis she continued to actively engage in research activities, actively participated in many national and international scientific conferences of different levels, as the academic Secretary or the President of the Economic Section.

2002 – was elected as a member-correspondent of the International Academy of Science and Practice of Production Organization and a member of the Ukrainian Marketing Association (UAM).

Along with the scientific work she has actively engaged in social activities,  headed the Trade Union of faculty, was repeatedly awarded by diplomas and certificate of appreciation for the fruitful work and personal contribution to the development of science by the state and regional authorities and directly by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, National Academy of Sciences.

From 2001 to 2008, has participated in the Presidential program for retraining the management staff  (“Ukrainian Initiative”) and in the European Union programmer for the training of managers TACIS MTP-4 (Managers training programmer) on the component “Support to the development and improvement of Ukrainian enterprises activities”. According to the results of participation the certificates of international level and the status of European expert were received.

2006 – has finished Luhansk State University of Internal Affairs (extramural studies), speciality “Law Enforcement” and got the qualification “Lawyer”.

Generalization of the accumulated scientific and practical experience allowed to work as the academic Secretary of the Luhansk Regional Scientific and Coordination Council of Donetsk Scientific Center of NAS and MES of Ukraine.

In 2008 at the Institute of Economic and Legal Research of NAS of Ukraine has defended the dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of the Doctor of Economic Sciences on the theme “Organizational-economic mechanism of regional industrial policy providing” in the specialty 08.00.05 – development of productive forces and regional economy.

2011 has awarded the academic title of Professor of Enterprise Economics Department at the East Ukrainian National University named after Volodymyr Dahl.

Since 2009  till now works as the Director of Luhansk branch of the Institute of Economic and Legal Research of NAS of Ukraine and provides leadership of fundamental and applied research on the major problems of regional economics.

She is the author of over 100 scientific works, including monographs, textbooks, scientific articles in scientific-metric bases and reports on the conferences, round tables and seminars.

Took part in development of  Luhansk Region Development Strategy, etc.

Supervises the dissertation researches of graduate students and recipients. Eight candidates of science  under the scientific supervision of I. V. Zablodska were prepared.

Academic Secretary


hjWuBREt1OkоооооRohozian Yuliia S.

Candidate of Economic Sciences

Board Member of the NGO “Association of Scientists – IDPs”

Editorial board Member of the scientific journal “Economics and Law”

Was born on October 8, 1988 in the Perevalsk town (Luhansk region). In 2010 she graduated from Donbass State Technical University (Alchevsk town, Luhansk region) in “Finance” and gained an honors degree qualification of Master in Finance, and in 2012 received the second higher education in “Jurisprudence” (Yaroslav Mudry National University “Law Academy of Ukraine “, Kharkiv city).

During postgraduate study (2010-2013) worked as an assistant and later as a senior lecturer at the chair Accounting and Audit in Donbass State Technical University and Law College of Donbass State Technical University.

In April 2014 successfully defended her dissertation on “Ensuring sustainable economic development of the region” and in May 2014 received the degree of Candidate of Economic Sciences, specialty 08.00.05 – “The development of productive forces and regional economy”.

On December 1, 2014 appointed performing duties of Senior Scientist in Division of interregional cooperation of Luhansk branch of the Institute, and April 1, 2015 elected the contest for the above post, where she works today.

From December 2014 to January 2017 Rohozian Yu. S. actively engaged in the departmental research themes within which she produced scientific reports, analytical notes and memoranda; the results of scientific research have been used in the current activities of the state and regional governments of Ukraine.

Yu.S. Rohozian is the co-author of two books “The economy of the regions of Ukraine: state and prospects of development” and “Formation mechanism to stimulate economic development,” has more than 50 scientific papers including 23 articles in professional journals of national and international level; participated in more than 30 international and national scientific activities, particularly in developing analytical report to the Annual Message of the President of Ukraine to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine “On the internal and external situation of Ukraine in 2016″, and in the development of collective brochures on the results implementation of research of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine “Legal support of business activities of Internally Displaced Persons.”

In May 2015 and June 2016 participated in competitions of chief scientific work of graduate students and young scientists (under IX and XV Ukrainian Science Festival) and received diplomas and degrees for the best scientific works in the category “Economics”.

In 2015 Yu.S. Rohozian received an international certificate of the Research Center for European Reform training programs (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg) in Regional Economy. Since May 2015 Rohozian Yu.S. is scholarship holder of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine for young scientists.