Scientific Council on Economic and Legal issues of cities development in Ukraine Department of Economics of the NAS of Ukraine


Прапор УкраїниПрапор ВБ

The Institute is the leading Ukrainian institution that explores the issues of economy cities. According to the decree of the Presidium of NAS of Ukraine № 174 from 29.06.94 G. “About the development of economic and legal research of NAS of Ukraine” by the resolution of the bureau of the Department of Economics of NAS of Ukraine No. 3 dated 22.06.1994 city, the Scientific Council on economic and legal issues of development of cities in Ukraine was established at the Institute.  The changes in the personal composition of the Scientific Council on economic and legal issues of cities development in Ukraine were approved by the Protocol № 1 of the bureau meeting of the Department of Economics of NAS of Ukraine of 21.01.2010

The main function of the Council is to coordinate the scientific research institutions, design institutes, educational institutions, city councils, regional and district administrations to solve organizational, legal and socio-economic problems of cities development in Ukraine. The members of the Scientific Council are included to the composition of working groups in the Donetsk regional state administration (order of the Chairman of regional state administration №. 95 dated 27.02.2003) and Berdyansk Сity Council. D uring the meetings of working groups according to presented for Donetsk regional and Berdyansk city councils of the proposals the direction of solving local and regional problems were determined.

In the framework of coordination activity was established the fruitful cooperation with the Association of Mining Towns of Donbass, the Association of Cities of Ukraine, profile committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine which was heading the scientific and methodical recommendations according to the results of scientific research.

Cooperation with the Association of Mining Towns of Donbass is carried out in the framework of Scientific Methodical Centre. The activity of the Scientific and Methodological Center of the Association of Mining Towns of Donbass are aimed at ensuring the integration of science and practice, the development of scientific and methodological tools that contribute to the solution of numerous problems of economic development of cities in Ukraine. The permanent monitoring of socio-economic development of Ukrainian cities, development of relevant proposals and recommendations on improving the normative-legal base in the sphere of local self-government, scientific advice of local authorities are the important directions  of Scientific Methodical Centre. A number of Scientific Methodical Centre  proposals to strengthen the material-financial base of local communities, improving the system of accounting and control of communal property, municipal tariff has received the practical use in activities of local governments and municipal enterprises of the cities-members of the Association.