Consultation Workshop “Survey Design: Assessing the Socio-Economic Impacts of Internal Displacement and Veteran Return”

The World Bank, together with its partners the Cadmus Group and Kiev International Institute for Sociology (KIIS), are embarking on quantitative and qualitative data collection to better understand the socio-economic impacts of the conflict. The research builds on the Recovery and Peacebuilding Assessment for Eastern Ukraine (RPA) and seeks to fill key data gaps on the development dimensions of the crisis. The workshop gathered key Governmental and non-Governmental stakeholders as well as international partners in order to seek early views and guidance on the approach and methods for the survey effort. It aims at complementing past and ongoing studies as well as assisting the Government of Ukraine and international partners to better identify, coordinate, and implement recovery and development activities.

28-10Professor Inna Zablodska took part in the workshop. She emphasized that the Institute of Economic and Legal Research of the NAS of Ukraine had the potential for providing a profound analysis of IDP’s, given that most of employees in the Institute are IDPs.